Waiting Lines at Customs in Cancun



Still Waiting one hour Later



Akumal Gate




Mi Casa Del Mar     Quantana Roo Mexico




Inside the Casa with Sheryl



View from Balcony Overlooking Infinity Pool






Turtle Inlay on Pool Bottom



Another View of Turtle Inlay



Igwana near the Pool



Akumal Bay



Spanish Cannon on Akumal Bay



Akumal Bay with ”Iggy




Akumal Bay Beach



Yalku Lagoon



Snorkeling Yalku Lagoon



Blue Fish



Yellow Fish



Breakfast at the Turtle Restaurant



Dinner at the Italian Restaurant



Dinner at the Lunita Restaurant



Paul & Sheryl at Lo Hai Restaurant




Paul’s 60th Birthday at Lo Hai



Birthday Song in Myan



Another Birthday Song