I went to AirVenture at Oshkosh the last week of July 2009 and I won a ride with Major John Klatt in his Air National Guard Extra 300L. Attached are pictures of John and I, in the Extra 300L. The weather was light rain and low ceilings which prevented us from doing anything wild. (Whew!) I did get to practice some rolls and he demonstrated a loop and several sweeping climbs to inverted flight.

The ride lasted 20 minutes.


Air National Guard Extra 300L

Support staff helps with parachute



In the front cockpit ready to go!!



Airshow performer Major John Klatt gets strapped in.



Posing for photo op



Last chance to bail



Leaving the hangar area



Back to the Hangar



Thanking Major John Klatt for the ride




Photo op for the sponsor



Pilot’s cockpit with G-meter at +4.5 gs and -1g