James & Viola Hove Wedding Picture



Larry Everet

Patty Geerdes

Paul Hove

Duane Hove



Paul & Duane Hove



Operation Middle Gust – Duane Hove




 Duane and Lydia Hove




Duane, Lydia, Jason and Katie




Jason at Harvard






Kevin and Christine Post



Christy Pregnant with Twins





Christy With the Zachary and Jessica










Sheryl with the Twins at Hospital



Sheryl with the Twins at 4 Weeks



Twins at Two Weeks



Twins with Halyna




Twins with Christy



Zachary at 16 Weeks                                       Jessica at 16 weeks




Zachary and Jessica at 4 Months



Zachary and Jessica at 6 Months                                                          




Jessica and Zachary at Two Years



 Zachary and Jessica at 3 Years




Jessica and Zachary at 4 Years






Zachary & Jessica at 5 Years




Zachary wins Pinewood Derby



 Halyna Graduates from University of Minnesota with degree in Anthropology




Jeff, Ludmilla and Halyna



Luda’s Parents from Ukraine



Jeff flying an Extra 300 Aerobatic Aircraft