The RV-7 Project


Van's Flying Prototype





Basement Workshop




Close up of Rear Horizontal Spar



The first riveted part.



Splice Angles fabricated from angle stock.



Front HS Spar drilled and held in place by Clecos.



HS Ribs fluted for lie flat and ready for drilling.



HS Skeleton assembled and ready to brace on the Jig.



HS Skeleton with the right skin mounted with Clecos



HS Skeleton with both skins mounted with Clecos



VS with skin mounted with Clecos



Right Elevator Skin with Stiffners mounted with Clecos.



Right Elevator in Jig



Left Elevator Skin with Stiffeners mounted with Clecos.



Crated Fuselage at ABF Freight Yard.



Placing Crated Wings on trailer.



Jeff Hove and Dave Kolling with trailer loaded.



Box of parts used for the completion of the fuselage.



Another box of parts used on the fuselage.



Quick build kit fuselage and wings.



Aileron Bell Crank



Wings with Flaps Ailerons and Push Rods Installed



Elevator Bell Crank Installed



Alodined Foot Petals for Brake and Rudder Bar



Rudder Bar Mounted in Aircraft



Aft Top Deck Skin on Workbenches



Center Tunnel Cover



Fuselage with Pneumatic dimplier



Overhead shot of Fuselage and Wings



Tool Box and Drafting Table with Christian Eagle in the Background



Instrument Panel being fabricated and attached to supporting braces




Right Step Installation




Primed fabricated parts ready for assembly





Seats Riveted and Ready for Paint



Canopy Seal Brace fabrication




Rollbar Hoop Fabrication




Left and Right Fuel Vent Lines




Left Gear Weldment



Flap Attach Point






Strobe Kit



Top View of Project



Front Left Side View of Project



Front Right Side View of Project



Finishing Kit Arrives



Canopy Release



Canopy Release Close-up



Last Wing Panel in Place



Canopy Bubble Uncut



Canopy Bubble After 1st Cut



Canopy Front View



Canopy Side View



Canopy Overhead View



Canopy Marked for Separation Cut



Cutting Canopy Separation



Finishing Canopy Cut



Powder Coated Parts by Best Coat Inc. in Blaine MN



Center Tunnel Covering Hi Pressure Pump



Ready to Hang Engine with Rick Olson



Making Airplane Noises



Starting to Populate the Panel



Wiring the Panel





Firewall Penetrations



Canopy Mounted to Frame Ready for Fiberglass



PC Board for Flap Control System



More Wiring






Fitting the Top Cowling



Panel all Lit up



Close up of “Six Pack” Gauges



Appling Fiberglass to the Canopy





New Interior






New Hartzell Blended Blade CS Propeller



Fitting the Bottom Cowling



Engine Baffling 





Engine Induction System



Engine Air Filter



Damage to Cowling by Curious Builder



Cowling Repaired



Wings On




Grandpa with the Twins at EAA 54 Pancake Breakfast



Wingtips and Wing Root Seal Installed



Reinforced Mounting Holes



Fabricating Gear Leg Fairings





Fabricating the Left Gear fairing Intersection



Fabricating the Right Gear fairing Intersection



Modifying Van’s Lower Gear Leg Intersection Fairings



Filling Pin Holes on the Intersection Fairings



Filling Pin Holes in Upper Cowling



Reshaping Right Wing Tip



Looks More and More Like an Airplane!






Ready to fly



Certification Complete



RV-7A In Flight Pilot Paul Hove



First Flight Award



 Back from the Paint Shop



Paint Job with Stripes 3/24/2008



Paint Job with Stripes Outdoors



Finished Panal



Jeff Flying East of Hudson Wisconsin